Online casino site mirrors

Blocking online live casino is easiest to bypass, using one of the mirrors of the institution. Many casinos are now focused on the audience, so they offer several mirrors in addition to the main site. Mirrors are an exact copy of the main resource, just located at a different address. The database of the sites will be the same, so you can go to your account with any mirror.

Mirrors are very handy, because you do not need extra steps or additional programs. But they are inconvenient because they can block mirrors of online casinos. Of course, in the case of blocking mirrors open others, but still, some players this option seems unacceptable.

Changing IP

Open access to online casinos you can use special extensions for browsers. They allow you to set the IP of another country. Then the blocked site will open.

There are special programs that also change the IP address. They work on a similar principle. But if you open a blocked online casino by changing the IP, there may be problems, as many casinos do not allow such actions. Therefore, before using this method, you should definitely contact the support team.

Simply explain that their casino is blocked and ask if you can use IP changer software. Perhaps the support team will advise other options to bypass the blocking.