Addiction to Video Games: How to Cope with It?

The number of people interested in video games is growing every year. And while some people are able to control the amount of time which they spend in front of their computers, others, unfortunately, start suffering from a serious addiction. The solution at the final stage of the problem requires, of course, the help of professional specialists but if you have just started to notice the first signs of the issue, the following tips will certainly help you.

Find the reason for your excessive gaming

This activity a good way to have fun and relax. However, in the majority of cases, playing video games is a form of escapism. The first step on the way to dealing with the addiction is to find the thing making you escape to the virtual world.

Among the most common reasons are:

  • lack of communication with relatives and friends;
  • fear of interpersonal relationships and real society;
  • various mental disorders;
  • problems at work.

Once you determine the main problem, make effort to solve it. Thus, your desire to escape from the real world will gradually disappear and it will be much easier to cope with the addiction.

Keep track of time

As a rule, when we do something enjoyable, we lose the sense of time easily. This applies to video games too. To solve this, use the simple piece of advice: write down when you start playing and end the gaming session. At the end of each week, look through your notes and count how much time you spend on this hobby. Seeing a real number will help you to fight the addiction faster.

Select games thoroughly

Some games take much time to complete. Try to avoid such projects and pay attention to those options that can be completed in a shorter time. Before starting to play, familiarize yourself with professional reviews of different projects and pay special attention to this subject. For instance, if you are primarily interested in action games, have a look at the overview of Crysis 4 that can be found at