Want to give your old table life and color? Try it with mosaics! Use only very small pieces of tile, or colored glass, shells, pebbles, they will make the table unique! Despite the fact that creating such a mosaic takes a lot of time, but on the other hand, making a mosaic is very simple. We decorate the old table with our own hands and our imagination!

First, decide on the pattern and color of the item with which you will work. Reduce the number of colors to a minimum, also choose flat and the same materials in height (stones should have the same flat side). If you still decide on colored glass, then use only it, you do not need to combine it with other materials. In general, stained glass is the best material for making colored mosaics. From it, you can lay out any motive.

Draw a picture on a piece of cardboard the shape of your table and cut it out. Lay out pieces of glass on it (if you chose glass), and starting from the middle, heading to its edges. Arrange as puzzles to create one whole picture, just do not connect the pieces together, leave space between them. You can evaluate it and correct some fragments of your opinion. Now the time has come to apply the amendments, make sure that everything lies in its place and create one beautiful surface. If you are already one hundred percent sure that this is how you want to see your table, make sure that the entire surface of the table on which you are going to work is perfectly clean and completely dry.

Now sprinkle with a strong adhesive surface and begin to transfer the laid out mosaic, which lies on the cardboard, piece by piece. Here you must be absolutely accurate, because the glue will dry quickly, and try not to make mistakes, peel off pieces of the mosaic, then it will be impossible, so you can ruin everything. Between the seams of the glued and folded parts, be sure to lay a puff.

It will protect your masterpiece from pollution. Especially if such a table will be in your yard in the country. Apply everything very accurately, it should fill all the free space between the elements.

The white fugue is quite noticeable, but it is much easier to keep it clean all the time. Black color with mosaic will add elegance. In the store for building materials, a fairly wide range of fugue colors is available.

After the fugue has dried, remove all excess material with a soft cloth. As the fugue is completely dry, carefully wipe each element of the mosaic on the table to make it shine. So the table is ready, enjoy the beautiful result. echo