Many women dream of a miraculous cream that will get rid of unwanted hair after the first use. But everything is not as simple as it seems. Nevertheless, shugaring is possible at home.
 To begin with, it is worth remembering that this procedure is called "sugar hair removal." Therefore, making pasta for shugaring is not so difficult. You need to take: sugar (10 tablespoons), water (4 tablespoons), lemon juice or half a spoonful of citric acid.
 The ingredients are mixed and put on a low heat. It is important to let the brew boil, otherwise the "magic" will not work. It is worth to be patient. After boiling, the clear mixture will bubble and acquire a caramel hue. Exactly what is needed! Now you can start processing the problem areas of your body.
 To apply the resulting paste is against hair growth. It’s better not to spread it gently, but with effort - it’s better absorbed. After the procedure, the remaining paste is washed off, a soothing lotion is applied.
 As you can see, the manufacture and use of this paste is an extremely budgetary, but effective option. Moreover, in the process there is no such acute pain that waxing can cause. Also, self-made shugaring paste does not cause allergies, it can be used at any age and in any circumstances.
 Moreover, the hairs are removed along with the bulbs - which contributes to their complete destruction. Indeed, in this case, the surviving part simply does not grow inside. But do not confuse the trajectory and apply a paste on the growth of hair - because in this case they will break off, and the root will remain inside.
 By the way, caramel paste also has a very beneficial effect on the skin as a whole, makes it younger and more beautiful. Therefore, sometimes this method can be used for those ladies who do not accept folk remedies. After all, the prepared mixture is very simple in its recipe, completely harmless and has a lot of advantages.
 On the other hand, you can not waste precious time and buy paste for shugaring in the store. The effect will be exactly the same - it just saves cooking time.
 What is better sugar paste or wax? Based on the fact that the pain in the case of its use is less, and the effect is amazing - we can say that it is a priority. Although, of course, every woman has her own secrets of beauty and the usual folk remedies, which she often prefers to resort to.