Last Friday, the Joint Gambling Authority of the federal states (GGL) updated its white list of licensed online gambling providers. Jokerstar is now listed as the eighth gaming provider licensed to provide virtual slot machines.

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Jokerstar and Crazy Buzzer are the latest additions to online casinos

Löwen Entertainment subsidiary BluBet Operations, Cashpoint Malta Ltd and The Mill Adventure Ltd have been added to the list about a week earlier. Another new supplier will be a subsidiary of Gauselmann Solis Ortus Service Ltd. founded in 2021. for online casino Crazy Buzzer.

Until the end of the year, the State Office of Saxony-Anhalt will be responsible for the white list. From 1 January 2023, the management of the official list of gambling organizers and brokers will be transferred to the joint gambling authority of the federal states. However, the list can already be found on their website. On 5 May 2022, the subsidiary company Gauselmann Mernov, now Deutsche Gesellschaft für Glücksspiel, became the first supplier of virtual gambling machines represented here.

The supplier of the now-licensed Jokerstar online arcade is Kling Automaten GmbH. The company announced mid-month via Facebook that the virtual slot machine site would soon be available.

However, no exact date was given, and the company's website also states that the online arcade is still being "diligently" worked on. However, the delays to the launch of the online presence did not come as a surprise. The former Mernov GmbH was also the first licensee to report a technical difficulty. But all these delays do not prevent it from retaining its status as a popular online casino and attracting a large number of players.

German operator with a long history

The offering company already draws on extensive experience in the field of land-based slot machines. For example, Kling GmbH, founded in the 1950s in the catering industry, has operated Joker slot machines since 1978, and now has more than 165 branches. Now the operator wants to use the experience it has gained. Here's what it says on Kling GmbH's website:

"Thanks to our many years of experience, we know which trends promise success and what sets our slot machines apart from other providers. This means that all the elements that our guests appreciate in our Joker slot machines, a pleasant atmosphere and a wide selection of games should be reflected on the website."

Player protection is also taken seriously online. Jokerstar's 'Made in Germany' brand meets the highest security standards.

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