In spring, when nature awakens, I want to look beautiful and fashionable! And here you can not do without a beautiful jacket of an interesting style and tasty color, which will cheer you up after a prolonged cold winter.
Fashionable length
Next year, the hottest hit of spring will be short and ultra-short jackets, complemented by a long sweater and a tight skirt. If short jackets do not fit your figure, then you should not be upset, because next spring the jackets will be in fashion until the middle of the thigh. In favor and jackets to the knee.
Fashionable materials and styles of women's jackets
Among the materials, preference is given to genuine leather, raincoat fabric, suede, denim and, of course, a tweed duo with knitwear. Favorite and risky mix, which combines, it would seem, not compatible.
A leather jacket, made in the biker style and replete with various metal fittings (spikes and rivets), has been and remains a fashion squeak. To somewhat diversify the biker style, designers offer bright and even pastel colors of leather jackets.
Designers also did not forget about elegant fashionistas, offering them stylish minimalistic options with a laconic cut. To mitigate the severity of the outfit, it is enough to roll up the sleeves (by the way, in a leather jacket you can simply assemble them with an "accordion").
The sporty style, popular today, has come out of the shadows, offering practical raincoats with a zipper and patch pockets, which is not only convenient, but also relevant this year.
Among fashionable hits and jackets with epaulets. But not in military style. Not. Shoulder straps perched on elegant jackets of delicate colors. Knitted inserts used on the necks and also on the bottom line are in fashion, not to mention the sleeve.
Fashion colors
Today, ultramarine and turquoise reign on the podium, which is understandable, given the fact that these two colors are loved and revered by the water dragon. Romantic fashionable jackets of the spring of this season are the most delicate shades of pastel colors and mustard color. If you want something bright and extraordinary, then opt for a model of multi-colored leather.
Some couturiers, who miss the elegant, graceful and feminine retro, are ready to offer spring jackets in floral motifs that look very cute and unusual.
Choosing your “spring wardrobe”, make non-standard decisions that will set you apart from others and give you confidence in yourself and your irresistibility.