The most ancient method of cooking meat is frying over an open fire. The primitive people who opened fire and fried the fresh mammoth for the first time, once and for all determined the most important place of the barbecue in cooking.

In all cultures and traditions of world cuisines there are dishes cooked on an open fire: kebabs, vegetables on charcoal, fish on charcoal. Italian and Mexican cuisine are no different.

The main advantage of dishes on the grill is the natural taste.

On the grill and on the grill, naturally soft pieces of meat, poultry or fish are fried in a portion size or less. This is a quick cooking method. For roasting over an open fire in Italian restaurants in YOUR CITY, use portioned slices of tender chicken fillet, veal tenderloin, pork flesh, and lamb loin. The meat is completely cleaned of fat, films, cut into cubes, seasoned with spices, in some cases, marinated with herbs, red onion, olive oil. Then strung on skewers and fried like barbecue.

In our restaurant the TITLE dishes are fried on fire from birch coals, so they get a pleasant light aroma and smoky flavor. This taste takes you to the bosom of nature to your loved ones, to a romantic meeting, a family dinner or a meeting with classmates.

And for Italian restaurants and Mexican restaurants, it is important to maintain the tradition of cooking on an open fire. Chefs make sure that seasonings and marinades do not mask the natural taste of food, but emphasize it. In choosing the perfect harmonious combination of ingredients for a grill menu, Italian cuisine is second to none.

The chefs of Italian restaurants pay special attention to the quality of meat, seafood, vegetables. When cooking Italian and Spanish kebabs - "Del mayale alla Grilla", "Del vitello alla Grilya", "Carne de Cordero" - you get great meat with an intense taste.

Every competent chef of an Italian restaurant knows that the ability to bring meat and poultry to an ideal degree of readiness is crucial.

The professional chef of both an Italian restaurant and a Mexican restaurant must be fluent in the art of getting the best tastes from meat and poultry dishes.

In the restaurant "NAME", the cooks created "Picade Casero" - an original dish on an open fire from minced meat of beef with pork. We adhere to the traditions of Italian cuisine, so all of our kebabs are served with mini focaccio, a fresh salad of tomatoes and red onions, with a spicy tomato salsa sauce.

The ideal side dish for meat and fish dishes is grilled vegetables.

Fans of natural cuisine and vegetarians will appreciate the charcoal vegetables, which, after cooking on an open fire, preserve vitamins, trace elements, natural taste.

It is impossible to imagine Mediterranean cuisine without fish and seafood. The fastest, easiest and most harmonious way to cook dorado fish, si-bass, and giant tiger shrimps is grilling over charcoal over an open fire. At the same time, the taste and aroma of the sea, so beloved by Italian cuisine, are preserved. A slice of lemon will emphasize the sophistication of the dish on the grill.

Dry red Italian wines, such as Chianti, Montepulciano, Sicilian wines, are ideal for meat kebabs. For fish and seafood, the sommelier will offer you dry white or, very fashionable today, rosé wine.

If you love nature, but there is no time to go to the forest, to the river, we will help you feel like having a picnic with friends. "NAME" will deliver dishes on the grill, barbecue to your home.

Bon Appetit!